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We sent some products over to Hannah Wright to sample and review the effect of going from using her standard supermarket shampoo and conditioner to using our widely loved and used Wella Nutri-Enrich Shampoo and Conditioner to test whether there was any noticeable differences in using Wella products after just two weeks of washing! See what her findings were below.

I’ve never really been into haircare, which is probably why my hair looks like I’ve been hanging out of a window on the M6 90% of the time. I was extremely excited to try the Wella Professionals INVIGO Nutri-Enrich Shampoo and Conditioner, and I wasn’t disappointed with the results.

The formula is infused with vitamins and minerals (hence the name) and is designed to give a “lift” to dull, tired locks like mine. So, obviously, I started with the shampoo. When mixed with water it creates a creamy, foaming texture much different to the one I get from my usual supermarket shampoo. It’s designed to be used like a normal shampoo (apply, lather, rinse), although I’ve read on a few haircare websites that you are supposed to repeat the shampooing process to firstly lift the dirt and rinse after.

The conditioner is more of a silky-smooth formula, with a beautiful pearlescent finish. Due to the almost-dreadlocks that form in my hair from wriggling around in my sleep, I often have to brush my hair in the shower with conditioner in, and I found it so much easier to do with this one. The brush literally just glided through, which meant there was a lot less fall-out on my bathroom floor – always a bonus.

After getting out the shower, I blow dried my hair straight and instantly noticed a huge difference. Firstly, the smell was phenomenal! Like an expensive salon-style smell with a hint of fruitiness. My hair was also glossy, felt a lot healthier but also more volumized, something I appreciate with having naturally flat, straight hair.

I’d 100% recommend this product to those who have neglected their hair like I have. Even after one use, it will feel healthier, lifted and smell absolutely fantastic.